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up Parent Directory 25-Sep-2021 05:19 - directory later 21-Sep-2021 06:42 - unknown A commentary on the theory and practice of welfare economics.doc 21-Mar-2003 17:00 80k unknown A play Poverty reduction.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 24k unknown A poor person.doc 21-Apr-2001 03:04 20k unknown A review of the Millennium Development Goals 2.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 112k unknown Acknowledgements.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 20k unknown Additional comments new .doc 06-Apr-2003 17:00 500k unknown Arguments for child survival as measure of progress .doc 25-Mar-2001 07:23 20k unknown Book.doc 29-May-2001 00:11 20k unknown Copy of Dear Professor Sachs.doc 10-Apr-2001 09:50 32k unknown Copy of Extra notes for statustics and survival .doc 26-May-2001 01:12 20k unknown Copy of Version 2.doc 25-Apr-2001 00:04 60k unknown Copy of Welfare indices of the living depend on who survives.doc 28-May-2001 23:39 84k unknown Copy of Why doesn.doc 30-Apr-2001 00:16 20k unknown Dear Dr Chen.doc 06-Apr-2003 17:00 28k unknown Dear George 3.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 40k unknown Dear George.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 244k unknown Dear Mr Benn.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 24k unknown Dear Mr Stern.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 108k unknown Dear Mr Wolfensohn.doc 06-Apr-2001 23:17 24k unknown Dear Ms Bonilla.doc 03-Apr-2001 01:00 20k unknown Dear Professor Sachs.doc 29-May-2001 00:02 28k unknown Dear Professor Sen 5.doc 06-Apr-2003 17:00 24k unknown Dear Professor Sen d.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 44k unknown Dear Professor Sen.doc 25-Apr-2001 02:03 24k unknown Dear Professor Williams 29 Dec .doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 484k unknown Dear Ravi.doc 24-Apr-2001 23:52 24k unknown Dear april.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 24k unknown Definitions.doc 10-Apr-2001 00:43 28k unknown Economics and its consequences 9 Nov .doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 112k unknown Economics.doc 19-Mar-2003 16:00 48k unknown Economists rarely know the inflation rate for the poor.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 28k unknown Epigrams .doc 19-Mar-2003 16:00 28k unknown Excerpts from Welfare indices of the living 28 April 2001 .doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 60k unknown Extra notes for statustics and survival 2 .doc 29-May-2001 00:00 24k unknown Extra notes for statustics and survival .doc 26-May-2001 01:12 20k unknown FAO on surveys.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 24k unknown Finance ministers, truth and logic .doc 25-Jan-2003 19:46 148k unknown Finance ministers, truth and logic 18 Feb .doc 19-Mar-2003 16:00 220k unknown For six months in 1984.doc 06-Apr-2001 22:09 20k unknown Further notes for paper.doc 10-Apr-2001 02:01 20k unknown Growth necessarily maximises the utility for the survivors.doc 26-May-2001 00:51 48k unknown Helping people out of poverty.doc 09-Apr-2001 00:04 52k unknown Here are three problems with development economics and its treatment of pover... 22-Jun-2003 17:00 20k unknown How much of the current reduction in the proportion of poor people is due to ... 24-Apr-2001 07:22 20k unknown How statistics measure l.doc 26-May-2001 01:00 136k unknown I would like to offer you some observations on poverty measurement.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 20k unknown I.doc 25-Apr-2001 00:13 20k unknown If real incomes per person stay the same.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 20k unknown If the child mortality goal is not on track.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 24k unknown Is economics good for the poor .doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 44k unknown Letter to Chris Coulson.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 28k unknown Letter to Don Jacobs.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 24k unknown Life, economics and poverty latest .doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 108k unknown Links to use.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 24k unknown M comments on ICP PPP for poverty rao_pra.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 128k unknown Measuring poverty using money is too complex and difficult to be practical.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 20k unknown Millennium Goals and poverty trends.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 36k unknown Monitoring of Millennium Goals.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 36k unknown No outcome measure can be separated from mortality data.doc 08-Apr-2001 22:55 20k unknown Notes from Reddy and Pogge.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 132k unknown Peter.doc 26-Apr-2001 09:41 96k unknown Plan for writing.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 20k unknown Plan.doc 26-May-2001 00:45 24k unknown Questioning development 2.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 32k unknown Raw material for Wolfensohn letter.doc 11-Apr-2001 07:53 32k unknown Roger.doc 14-May-2001 02:48 112k unknown Roger1.doc 14-May-2001 05:53 0k unknown Song for economics.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 40k unknown Spare.doc 27-Apr-2001 03:04 56k unknown Statistics and survival.doc 15-May-2001 08:17 128k unknown Strictly speaking.doc 06-Apr-2003 17:00 20k unknown Structure.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 24k unknown Subj.doc 09-Apr-2001 04:04 28k unknown Summary document.doc 19-Mar-2003 16:00 512k unknown Swansong for economics.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 48k unknown The Wealth of Persons 7 Jan .doc 19-Mar-2003 16:00 696k unknown The following is a dialogue between Max Wellfair.doc 20-Mar-2003 17:00 24k unknown The further child mortality figures are from the path to the goal.doc 29-May-2001 00:14 24k unknown There has for some time been a discrepancy between observational accounts of ... 24-Apr-2001 07:16 20k unknown Version 1.doc 25-Apr-2001 21:24 88k unknown Version 2.doc 25-Apr-2001 00:04 60k unknown Welfare indices countires.doc 24-Apr-2001 22:22 36k unknown Welfare indices of the living depend on who survives.doc 27-Apr-2001 12:00 84k unknown Welfare indices.doc 28-May-2001 23:59 24k unknown Who contributes to the mean.doc 13-Mar-2001 17:19 52k unknown Why doesn.doc 28-May-2001 23:59 20k unknown kanbur.doc 22-Jun-2003 17:00 44k

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