Email of unknown date to UK Department of International Development official who claimed DFID had lost message of 15 October 2001 pointing out mortality flaw in DFID and economists' analysis of poverty.

The message had been forwarded by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Andrew Smith, to the Secretary of State for International Development, Clare Short, in a letter dated 18 October 2001.


Dear Ms Froggatt


Thank you for your help in trying to locate the missing email.   


Here are the details.   I wrote the email to my MP, Andrew Smith, on 15 October 2001.     He forwarded it to the then Secretary of State for International Development in a letter, ref. ADS/em/INDEV/18/10,  on 18 October.     The Secretary of State replied to him on 5 November 2001 in a letter without a reference number.     The email will have included the address [....].


I hope this helps the process.


Best wishes



Matt Berkley