Same-day "telegram" to editor-in-chief of the Guardian

2 October 2015

Dear Ms Viner,

Monday's proposed column: errors relating to Millennium
pledges reaffirmed by national leaders in 2013

I refer to my telegram of 23 September, and complaints
and evidence at .

The Guardian Readers' Editor has told me of an intention to
publish a column about these complaints on Monday.

I have written to him that the action needed seems to be
wider, including formal corrections; that "establishing the
facts is the first priority
"; and "I strongly recommend that
you send me anything you are considering for publication".

Due partly to the fact that some details are not commonly
known ( ), it may be easy
to inadvertently misrepresent  facts, reports and/or complaints.

The subject is government commitments to the people.

I urge you to ensure that what is published on this subject
meets an appropriately high standard of precision and that if
the public has been given wrong impressions, those are, within
reason, rectified.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely, Matt Berkley