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Social science and government aims



Social science and government aims  
Proposed standards for goal setting and research.  Explains some common errors about well-being, prices, demography, costs etc.   Argument for standards is partly:  Without regulation of governments and scientists, even if  some academics make progress in understanding this doesn’t deter governments from making bad goals and unwarranted claims.  (2006)

Thoughts on the adequacy of social science
Correspondence and other documents 2000-3, with quotations from others making similar points.   

Mostly on errors in economic theory concerning demography. 


Five axioms, four puzzles and four suggestions on hunger in the human species 

Social scientists’ errors may help explain diverging international statistics.  Axioms needed.  (2004)


Discoverer of global poverty error calls for statistics on survival  

Economists forgot average food needs are rising.   Newspaper article.  (2003)

Flaw in simple economic analysis 

To talk of “poverty reduction” without looking at survival rates  (2000)


Inflation and the poor  

Challenges idea common among economists that income measures profit.  (2003)

Economics is not utilitarian  
Economists need to distinguish between average rise and rise in the average.   (2002)

Economics of survival  
Letter to Jeffrey Sachs.  
Survival data are needed for adding up progress of individuals.  (2001)
Statistics and survival    (2001)

Letter to editor of the Economist.  


Why macroeconomics is not utilitarian   (2003)

New directions in development economics: How to make the Millennium Goal on poverty effective, 2003

A non-economist's view of World Bank research, 2004




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