Dear Matt,

Many thanks for your suggestion that we put "Discoverer of global poverty error calls for statistics on survival" [2003 but clearly still relevant] on Eldis. I've had a look through the article and whilst I agree it would be a useful tool  for many of our readers, we are trying to focus on more recent material.

I am particularly interested in your latest paper:" A tool for understanding global goals and statistics". I notice it is in draft form at the moment, but once it is complete we'd be very happy to use it.

Kind regards


 Liz Thassim
Assistant Editor - Poverty
Project Manager - Eldis OnDisc
Eldis - the gateway to development information



Note:  The article was mentioned on Eldis in a non-prominent news section with the date 26 June 2006.

If I remember correctly, this was after I attempted again to persuade staff to publish the article or include it in the database in the normal way.

Meanwhile the university has spent public funds promoting misleading items, including inaccurate statements as described in the article. 

Matt Berkley
2 May 2018