RE: Submission to ELDIS

          13 September 2012



Dear Mr Berkley,


Thank you for your message. Sue Schirmer no longer works on Eldis.  There is now a link on Eldis that goes to the full paper,  “The Economic Impact and Effectiveness of Development Aid - Oral and Written Evidence” at  This now also appears on our Aid and Debt Resource Guide.


As this is collection of submissions in one volume, it makes more sense to include the document as a whole, as we are unable to include each individual submission.  If you wish to submit your individual paper, you are welcome to create a profile for yourself on  or Communities site and submit your paper there:


Best wishes,



Tracy Zussman 
Thematic Convenor
Knowledge Services
Institute of Development Studies
University of Sussex 
BN1 9RE 




11 September 2012         

Dear Ms Schirmer,

May I ask what happened to the submission below in the end?

Many thanks.

Matt Berkley 



On 7 September 2011 13:31, Matt Berkley wrote:

Dear Ms Schirmer,

Thank you for your reply of 4 August.


There are now two links for the document: 
(currently beginning at page 29 of the PDF file, though that may change if other submissions are added)

and .


Please note that the title of the submission is "Time to end the myth of official poverty measurement?".

Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Berkley 

On 4 August 2011 12:03, eldis <> wrote:

Dear Matt

Thank you for your email and for submitting your document for inclusion to Eldis. We have a document with the title ‘Time to end the myth of official poverty measurements?’ in our submissions pool. However, we currently changing the system of processing document submissions to the Eldis website and are therefore experiencing delays with documents being processed (this needs to be done manually before a document can go live on the website).


Thank you for your support for Eldis and your understanding


With best wishes

Sue Schirmer

On behalf of the Eldis team