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Complaint Summary: Conflation of Millennium Declaration and MDGs

Full Complaint: video wrongly states "in 2000 UN set 8 targets and named them MDGs." In reality 2000 Declaration target is c.3M child deaths in 2015. MDG target proposed later is c.4M. "Safe water" claim misleads. UN does not have safe water statistics. Poverty target met? How do we know? There are no inflation stats for prices faced by the poor. BBC wrongly juxtaposes 2000 and MDGs: BBC does not report actual pledges of 2000 even though reaffirmed by world leaders in 2013. BBC does not report scandal: MDG list falsely claims 1990-baseline targets come from Declaration. "target - to halve the proportion of people whose income is less than $1.25...met five years ahead of schedule in 2010." How does BBC know this if no inflation stats on poor? Details:, page 128. Trustees say it would be editorial decision not to mention baselines. But BBC staff either a) always make "editorial decision" to omit actual pledge or b) do not know what pledges are. Both are systemic failure. It is a waste of public money for BBC to make programmes to inform people on MDGs or give media training without informing public of pledges their leaders made.


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