"the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have a global focus that represents a universalisation of the challenge of development, a clear departure from the Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs’) almost exclusive focus on developing countries."

[MB: Why are so many academics obsessed with the "MDGs" on the apparent basis of false belief -  rather than what nations actually agreed and have kept reaffirming in both "development" and "human rights" agreements?]

"the major development framing exercise of the late 20th century [?], the Millennium Development Goals"

[MB: In terms of publicity, yes. 
In terms of agreements, which may be what the authors mean to say, misleading. 
The development agenda was the outcomes of all conferences and summits, not simply the "MDGs".]

Converging divergence?
Unpacking the new geography of 21st century global development
Rory Horner, David Hulme
University of Manchester


Horner and Hulme's paper deals with global goals. 
Its main text includes "Millennium Development", "MDG" or "MDGs" twenty times.
It entirely omits "summit" and "declaration".

It thus misrepresents the existing agreed UN development agenda in 2015 - and now.