FactCheck.org publishes error by the US Congressional Research Service:

"In a 2016 report on U.S. foreign aid, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service noted...

CRS, June 17, 2016: ...a level of 0.7% GNI was established as a target for donors in
the 2000 U.N. Millennium Development Goals. ..."

Trump's U.N. Speech
19 September 2017              


In addition to the Congressional Research Service's error about which goals were agreed in 2000, is it not making another in claiming the aid target was set in 2000 when in reality it was set long before?

I am not aware of any formal withdrawal from the 0.7% target, despite what USAID said in 2002:

"Administrator Natsios requested that I respond on his behalf to the three questions posed in your letter.

1.  0.7 per cent ODA/GNP target: The US has never endorsed the UN target of providing 0.7 per cent of our GNP in the form of Official Development Assistance (ODA). This target was developed in the late 1960s, an era in which ODA was the primary source of capital flows to developing countries and capital flows were perceived to be the driving force of development. In today's world, neither of these conditions remains true. …

2.  MDGs: The US has not officially endorsed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as outlined in the UN document "Road map towards the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Declaration".

It should be noted that the MDGs have not yet been brought before any international forum for formal endorsement of the International Development Goals (IDGs), the subsequent endorsement of the IDGs at the 1998 G-8 Summit, and the signing of the Millennium Declaration in September 2000.

Though substantively similar, the MDGs do not correspond exactly to the range of goals agreed in these other forums.

The US does believe that indicators for measuring progress toward development goals should be distinguished from an official endorsement of principles by the international community.

While potentially useful from an analytical perspective, the proposed indicators for measuring progress toward the MDGs should be separated from any future official endorsement of the MDGs themselves."

Letter from USAID to the Chairman of the UK House of Commons Select Committee on International Development 
"Minutes of Evidence"
("evidence" is the parliament's word for any communication including opinion, unfounded assertion and falsehood)
May 2002
http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200102/cmselect/cmintdev/785/2042308.htm ]